What is the minimum order?

We have a minimum order quantity of 15 items; however, contact us to discuss further as there may be exceptions.

How long will my order take?

Orders take 4-5 weeks from order confirmation and approval.

Does my total include delivery charges?

Delivery is free anywhere in Ireland. There may be extra for International delivery.

Are there any extra charges?

No extras! The price we quote you for the order is exactly what you’ll pay. No shipping, handling, admin or any of that stuff!!!

How much does it cost to create a logo?

FREE! We create our customers logo’s for free. Most competitors charge for the once off creation of logos but not us!

*On orders under 15 garments we may need to charge for logo set up.

** On express orders we may also need to embroider/print locally, therefore a logo set up charge may apply.

Can we get embroidery and prints on the same garment?

Yes, we are fully customised so we can do whatever designs and embroideries you like.

What if I have changes to make after I’ve confirmed my order?

Once an order is confirmed and approved we can’t make any changes – so make sure you examine everything in detail pre-order!

What colours can I get?

We have a base set of around 24 colours but we have yet to meet a customer whose colour we couldn’t do for them!

What sizes do you do?

We range everything from 2-3 yr. olds right up to XXXXL, and everything in between. We can also create fitted versions of each size.

Does more detail mean longer wait times?

No, once an order is approved, regardless of detail on the garment it will be 4-5 weeks.

Are your hoodies fair trade?

Yes, we ensured starting out that our hoodies were made Fair Trade and we support this.

Who have you supplied hoodies for already?

We have supplied for all the major colleges in Ireland, sports teams, charities, youth clubs and concert bands! Everyone and anyone! Check out our testimonials.

How do we make payment?

We are currently setting up our online payment so for now we just take cheques, cash and bank drafts.


Due to the level of customisation and discount options, for a more accurate quote please fill in your details below and we will be in touch!